Servicing the Murraylands since 1987, we are your local supplier and fitter of:
Bradnams Aluminium Windows, Doors & Shower Screens;
Roller Doors; and Crimsafe Security Doors

Bradnam’s offer you an unbeatable range of high quality window designs.
Choose from simple, heritage or modern styles or why not custom-design a feature window!
Aluminium allows you to keep frames to a minimum to let in natural light and widen your view.

  • Sliding
  • Double
  • Louvre
  • Awning
  • Bi-Fold
  • Casement
  • Custom

Character, style and performance that lasts

The clean lines of the Bradnams Sliding window, in addition to its functionality and enduring performance, was recently named winner of the Australian Design Award.

The Sliding window is available in a wide range of aesthetic styles and colours to suit any design criteria. With its superior durability and functionality, it is the clear choice for understated elegance.

The product has been designed to deliver a low force sliding system which maximises performance for longer. The windows allow easy maintenance and cleaning, with replaceable parts such as weather seals for years of service and good looks.

The sliding window is compatible with other Bradnam‘s window products including colonial and federation bars, toughened glass, laminate glass for sound proofing performance, security and insect screens and high performance sills in cyclone-prone areas.

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Distinctive style, strength and safety

The Bradnam’s Double Hung window provides you with a complete range of design options, combining architectural symmetry with vertical lines.

With engineered sash balances, you will enjoy trouble-free ease of operation and lasting performance. Adjustable top and bottom hung sashes improve ventilation and circulation for better climate control.

Double Hung windows are compatible with other Bradnam‘s window products, including colonial and federation bars, toughened, laminate or specifically selected glass for reduction in UV light, direct energy and glare.

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A fresh approach

Louvres are making a comeback in architecturally designed homes due to the versatile design solutions available to match every taste and need.

Louvre windows allow approximately twice as much ventilation as a similarly sized sliding window, which can be adjusted for full climate control. You can also choose between glass, metal and timber blades depending on the privacy or view you would like to maintain.

Using aluminium frames, Bradnam‘s Louvres are strong, which guards against bowing or sticking when compared to conventional timber surrounds.

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Heritage charm, with modern benefits

For the heritage look with the benefit of modern technology, choose Bradnam’s Awning Windows.

An Australian Design Award winner, the Awning has functional features such as a continuous hook hinge at the top, which prevents wind, rain and dust from coming inside when the window is open. It also features lockable geared winders, enabling smooth and trouble-free operation, while providing maximum security.

The Awning is also compatible with Bradnam‘s windows products such as colonial and federation bars, toughened, laminate and specifically selected glass, and custom fitted screens for insect protection and security.

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Nothing between you and a view

Ideal as a servery window, or simply for maximum air and light, our Signature bi fold windows suit a number of different contexts. With an effortless roller system that allows you create a full opening, you can choose to install your bi fold windows so that they stack to one or both sides.

Lifestyle & Comfort

Ideal servery window providing a full opening – perfect for kitchens and indoor-outdoor entertainment areas
Maximises natural ventilation with wide openings to invite fresh air into your home
Customisable stacking configurations allow windows to be stacked to one or both sides

Performance & Reliability

Effortless smooth sliding facilitated by high performance roller systems
Weather proofing for every climate with shrink-resistant Santoprene seals
Customisable glazing to suit your needs, with options including single and double glazing
Superior durability thanks to robust 100mm frames

Design & Aesthetic

Architectural symmetry allows for easy design integration with other Bradnam‘s windows and doors

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Traditional Style & Elegance

If you’re looking to invite fresh air into your home, you can’t look past casement windows. Strong, secure and stylish, Bradnam’s casement windows are a long established favourite with a range of practical benefits.

Essential Casement Windows

Welcome the fresh air into your home with our ‘Essential’ casement windows. An old–style favourite reimagined in a contemporary setting, our casement windows have an almost 90 degree opening angle and are great for ventilation.

Signature Casement Windows

Architectural, sturdy and oh-so-very classy, our ’Signature’ casement windows accentuate picturesque views with a ‘picture frame’ look created with improved mitre joints and narrow frame profiles.

Signature LB Casement Windows

Our premium ‘Signature LB’ casement windows are strong, secure and stylish. Best of all, optional security and insect screens can be installed to keep bugs and intruders out without compromising access to the handle.

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Add beauty to any design

Add architectural features simply and cost-effectively with Bradnams custom windows, arches and rakes. This range allows considerable design flexibility and versatility to suit most purposes. We can also provide professional expertise and advice to engineer a solution in aluminium and glass to achieve the result you are looking for.

These special windows are also compatible with Bradnam‘s window products, as well as accommodating laminate glass, double glazed glass, toughened glass, colonial and federation bars.