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A Naturally Better Environment

Maintaining a comfortable home environment is simply a matter of efficient energy planning. However, achieving such efficiencies is highly complex, and requires an absolute commitment to innovation and advanced engineering. For over thirty years, it is this dedication to comfort and high performance products that has made Bradnam’s Australia’s leading manufacturer of 5 star energy rated windows and doors.

Energy Efficiency - Vital to Our Australian Environment

Australia’s natural environment is one of the harshest on the planet. To live comfortably, we can either rely on energy consuming devices such as air conditioners and heaters, or we can design and build homes in harmony with the elements. The various State Governments have implemented Energy Rating Systems for buildings so that energy efficiency is a priority of construction design. This has been supported by the Australian Window Association which has developed WERS - the Windows Energy Rating Scheme.

WERS has been modelled on European and US software to measure energy performance for windows and doors throughout Australia. WERS measures a product’s energy performance and its annual energy impact on a house. It’s a fact that much of the heat gained or lost in a home is through the windows and doors, so Bradnam’s has WERS tested over 280 products to provide you with an exceptional selection of windows and doors.

An Intelligent Investment in Comfort

One of the most cost effective investments you can make when building or renovating is choosing the best windows and doors to keep your home comfortable and quiet all year round. Bradnams has created and perfected energy efficient window systems that increase comfort levels and improve window energy performance. For this reason we can help you to cut your energy costs, reduce sun glare and noise, retain heat in winter/cool in summer, lengthen the lifespan of furnishings against fading and improve the security and safety of your home.

Block the effect of the sun’s rays on your home

Like sunglasses for your home, Bradnam’s Solar Block Windows & Doors can protect your family and your furnishings from harmful exposure to UV rays, while substantially reducing cooling costs in summer.

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Live in comfort and save on energy costs

When considering the overall energy issue for your home, windows and doors are integral in achieving the critical energy efficiencies. Selecting Solar Comfort by Bradnam’s Windows & Doors will eliminate:

  • Up to 40% heat loss and
  • Up to 50% of unwanted heat gain

  • Bradnam’s Solar Comfort range of windows and doors will assist you to effectively solve your energy problems and save you money.

    To provide consumers with a simple benchmark, the Australasian Window Council Inc. (AWC) has rated a range of representative windows for their energy performance in stars. No stars means the window is a very poor performer, 5 stars means excellent performance and a whole new world of ergy efficiency and internior comfort. Check the tables to see just how much benefit can be gained from a carefully selected window.

    In addition, a 5 Star energy rated window will provide significant benefits in noise control and protection from fading. It is important to remember that window placement and site orientation also have an impact on the type of windows required within a house.

    Bradnam’s Windows and Doors can advise you on the right windows to suit your home.

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    Bradnams Solar Comfort broachure

Reduce noise

Bradnam’s Windows & Doors can also insulate your home from noise pollution - traffic, noisy neighbours, trains, etc. Think about how much more comfortable your house would be without these irritations.

Our glass products have been proven to reduce external noise by up to 47% over standard window systems.

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Bradnams Sound Smart broachure

Don't compromise beauty for security

Nothing ruins the beauty of a well-designed home quite as much as the fortress-like appearance of security screens and bars. Which is why Bradnams developed Solar Secure.

This advanced system incorporates safety glass which is 20* times harder to break through than ordinary glass, making it an invisible and economical home security barrier.

Available for both windows and doors. It has smart multi- point locking as standard, as well as removable handles on some products for added security and peace of mind.

* Based on the number of strikes required to break through glass, using a 0.225kg steel ball dropped from a height of 9m to approximate a hammer blow (Pilkington 2005).

Comfort, Safety & Performance

There is now a window that truly meets today’s need for an environmentally sustainable window product. The Solar, Sound n Secure (S3) window offers comfort,safety and acoustic high performance in one window.

Ideal for residential, high rise and commercial applications, it is a great feature in the up market home providing comfort, security, noise reduction and added value – all in one window.

With its range of options and structural strength this versatile window gives you the option of larger than normal window openings without compromising on performance.

Solar Sound n Secure combines all the technological advancements that have made Bradnam’s Australia’s leader in energy efficient windows and doors.

Solar protection is combined with acoustic insulation and security options to provide you with complete high performance windows or doors.