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Let the outdoors in with Bradnam´s range of lifestyle doors.
Aluminium keeps frame size to a minimum, while maximising durability, natural light,
open living options and views.

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Enduring elegance

The clean lines of the Bradnam´s Sliding door is available in a wide range of aesthetic styles and colours to suit any design criteria. With flexibility in the configurations you can choose from, the Sliding door maximises opening sizes to allow greater access, natural light, ventilation and views that brings the outdoors in.

The sliding door is compatible with other Bradnam´s windows products, enabling you to select colonial and federation bars, toughened glass, custom screens and locking options.

We can also provide you with full locking options to increase security and safety. Another advantage is that the slider is located internally, further increasing the security features provided by this product.

Distinctive style, strength and safety

Bradnam´s offers a wide range of imaginative design options for the ever-popular French door. Adding to the versatility of this choice is the ability to combine other door styles or fixed light windows to provide decorative adaptions that add beauty to your French door design.

Where space is at a premium, the Bradnam´s French door can open to 180 degrees, maximising opening width. It can also be adapted to suit a single door, which is an attractive alternative in tight spaces.

Apart from design benefits, Bradnam´s French door is compatible with other window products, accommodating toughened glass specifically selected glass, and can be fitted with full locking options for maximum security.

Widen Your Horizons

Let the outdoors in with the Bradnam´s range of stacker doors, featuring a maximised glass area, flexibility in sliding configurations and clean site lines.

The Stacker door accommodates custom-fitted screens to enhance symmetry, security and safety. Full locking options are also available on this product.

You can also choose to enhance climate control with double glazing or specifically designed glass which is substantially stronger than ordinary glass.

Alternatively, you can add design features with colonial and federation bars, which are compatible with this product.

Heritage charm, with modern benefits

For the heritage look with the benefit of modern technology, choose Bradnam´s Awning Windows.

An Australian Design Award winner, the Awning has functional features such as a continuous hook hinge at the top, which prevents wind, rain and dust from coming inside when the window is open. It also features lockable geared winders, enabling smooth and trouble-free operation, while providing maximum security.

The Awning is also compatible with Bradnam´s windows products such as colonial and federation bars, toughened, laminate and specifically selected glass, and custom fitted screens for insect protection and security.

Lighten your home

If natural light and views are an important consideration in the design of your home, then look no further than entry door frames.

With flexibility in design and opening arrangements, you have control over the final presentation of your entranceway. You can also choose from a variety of styles in prehung aluminium doors to suit the Bradnam´s Entry door frame.

Aluminium frames add strength, with no bowing or sticking as compared to conventional timber surrounds. Our Entry door frames also feature security enhancements in its design to ensure peace of mind.

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